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Biografía: Alberto Martín-Aragón is an experimental filmmaker, writer and composer. Born and raised in Madrid he received his Masters degree in Journalism by the Complutense University & ABC in the year 2002, after graduating by it’s Faculty in Sciences of Information (1998) and has worked in nation-wide journals for the past ten years. He was awarded with the Best Editing in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (October 2016) for his short PATRICIO. His shorts Dr. Cataplana and Double Zero has been distinguised with the Best Experimental (October 2016 and January 2017) in the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA). Also, he was awarded with three Best Experimental Short in Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA) for his shortfilm HADES (September 2015), for his shortfilm MARIBEL (December 2015) and for Exile (2016). Martín–Aragón was awarded as well in the 49TH WORLDFEST–HOUSTON 2016 with a GOLD REMI for MARIBEL, with a SILVER REMI for BURLESQUE PARTICLES and for BRONZE REMI for HADES. He has also won four Awards of Recognition in Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for his feature experimental HANGOVER and for his experimental shorts K.O, MARIBEL and BURLESQUE PARTICLES, among other prizes. His experimental feature HANGOVER has been awarded with Diamond Best Editing in NYC Indie Film Awards and was elected finalist in the International Mexico Festival. Martín-Aragón has been received several Awards of Merit and Recognition in Best Short Competition and IndieFest Festival. As a fiction writer he was awarded with the Ramón J. Sender Prize for his first novel Música de un patíbulo (1998). His first novel, Aleluya, was published in 2015. His second novel, Opiniones de un delator, was published in 2017. At present he is a co-founder of Tiempoperdido Producciones, a low-budget independent film producer based in Madrid (Spain).

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